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May 2015



Spring has Sprung

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IMG_9783Even though I’m probably about a month or so late, I’ve finally started my spring cleaning — starting with my closet. Maybe it’s an excuse to go shopping, but as I’m closing one chapter or my life and beginning another, many of the items in my wardrobe need to go as well. Nearly gone are the days of running late to class and throwing on a pair of running shorts and an oversized tee. In this spirit of out with the old, I’ve also added some new pieces such as these Sigerson Morrison heels (that I’m completely obsessed with). They retail for about $425, but I was able snag them for 80% off! I literally feel like I could play basketball in these bad boys, that’s how comfortable they are.

I’m excited to finish cleaning out my closet, sending loads of clothes over to Goodwill, and getting a fresh start. My beloved pink blazer is sticking with me though.

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April 2015



All About Faux Locs

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Faux Locs

Faux LocsIt’s just been about two weeks since I took my faux locs out, and I miss them terribly (to the point that I even considered dreading my own hair). No doubt I’ll be returning to that style during this Texas summer. I received so many compliments and questions so I decided to dedicate a post to answering frequently asked questions and share my experience!

First, I’ve never had twists or single braids in my life. I always shy away from those styles because I couldn’t bear to sit for that long to get them done. Now, for those of you who don’t know how faux locs are done, let me do a quick explanation of the method my friend used on my hair, the hair we used, the time it took to complete the style, and other random information such as accessorizing to spice things up!

Type of Hair

I used about 9 packs of regular Marley Hair. To be specific, I used the NOIR brand (Janet Collection) and purchased mostly a natural black color, with a few packs of a dark reddish brown color. At a little over $5 a bag, this cost me about $50.


Faux locs involve creating a base for the loc (by creating single braids or twists with the marley hair) and then going back over and tightly wrapping the marley hair around the base to create the loc. Here’s a Youtube video I found helpful! As you can imagine, this process is tedious as it takes twice the amount of time that doing twists on your hair would. Some people complete the twists, rock that as a style for a few weeks, then go back through and create the locs. To save time, my friend and I double-teamed on this. She did the twists, while I would wrap the already twisted hair. After this is done, we burned the tips to ‘seal’ the locs. And repeated until it was all done.

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April 2015



Life at 30,000 Feet

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It’s the first day of April, which means that this year is a quarter of the way through. It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you all tremendously. In the month of March, I spent much more time in flight than I typically do, and it gave me plenty of time to think and reflect. On a red eye flight from Los Angeles to Austin, I decided to pen some of my thoughts so I figured I’d share.

  • Home is fluid, belong anywhere – There’s the common saying that home is where the heart is, which I agree with, but I’m also starting to have this belief that home can be anywhere, and can be multiple places. Maybe it’s my wanderlust which makes it hard for me to stay in one place, but I find myself feeling at home in places I don’t really know. One of the greatest gifts we have in this generation is the ability and relative ease of travel. I can’t wait to travel the world and find pieces of myself in the different homes I didn’t know I had.
  • What is for you, is for you – One of my friends (hey Aaron) always said this statement. What is for me, is for me. I won’t have to cry, beg, lose myself for it.
  • Opportunities grow exponentially, all you need is one open door – I’ve recently had some great opportunities come my way that were a result of one or two decisions I didn’t realize would have such an impact. There’s the saying that you just need to get your foot in the door, well knock on every door until one opens.
  • Start – that’s all I wrote down. Whatever it is, just start (even if you know you’ll probably fail).
  • Stop and smell the roses – I wrote this because I was walking with a new friend who literally stopped and smelled the roses. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. I’ve been in such a demanding and work-focused season lately. If I’m not doing school work, I’m running a business, planning conferences, shooting and editing. I have to constantly make a mental decision to stop and smell the roses and my sanity is so much better for it. I think for the first time in the past few years, I’ve found somewhat of a balance in my life. I actually feel like I’m living, truly truly living, rather than going through the motions.
  • His timing is always perfect – don’t rush the process, don’t trust your own timing, learn to wait.
  • Life is about going after what you want and it’s never too late to start

Then, I fell asleep until I landed in Austin at 5am in the morning. That was my last trip of the month and I honestly would prefer to not see the inside of an airport for a while. Since I let life consume me for a month, this also constitutes my ‘life as I know it’ post. I mentioned above that I felt like I was truly living and I think my month is testament to that. I did put some things on the back burner (like school, oops), I learned when to say no, and most importantly I learned how to delegate. I have the tendency to feel like I need to do things myself, but delegation is the best thing since Toblerone chocolate, and I’m so much happier because of it. What else is new? I have faux locks in my hair, which I am completely obsessed with! Puerto Rico was amazing, the food never let me down, Miami was not my cup of tea, and San Francisco feels like home and is constantly a source of renewal and inspiration.


I hope you all had an amazing March, and here’s to a better April and a better second quarter of the year!



February 2015



Enjoy Your Own Company

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It’s a Friday evening, you have no plans. You send your friends a “what are you doing?” text. Everyone’s busy. Instead of sulking in your loneliness, this is the perfect opportunity to have a refreshing evening and rejuvenate your soul/mind. My alone time is such an important part of my sanity, but I know many people struggle with being alone. Here are some tips from me to you on enjoying your own company and embracing your alone time.

1. Tidy up your space + light some candles – I strongly believe that a clean space is a clean mind. Clear out the clutter that you accumulated through the week, turn on some music (my current favorite combination is Chromecast + Pandora + SZA station), and cuddle up in bed with a good book, your favorite blogs (insert wink emoji here), or that journal of yours that’s been gathering dust.

2. Go grocery shopping – This is a strange option, but I know I’m not the only one who loves walking into a Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Trader Joe’s. There’s something about getting groceries that makes me feel like I have my life together. Before you leave, look up a recipe, buy the ingredients and feel accomplished about your cheffin’ skills.

3. Take yourself on a date – I’m the queen of solo dates. Mainly because I love food and trying new restaurants. I swear by Foursquare for discovering good eats around town. Pick one, get dolled up, and enjoy a great meal… all by yourself.

4. Wine and a movie – Let’s say you’ve already done #1, but the book/journaling idea isn’t cutting it. Get that corkscrew out, an Olivia Pope sized wine glass, and watch a movie. The new season of House of Cards is out on Netflix, so that’s a promising option.

5. Do something you love – Weeks are busy with work or school, friendships require time, it’s not often you just get time to yourself. Make the most of it and do something you love or start working on that hobby you’ve been meaning to pick up.

Peace within yourself has such a big impact on how you interact with people, how you perform at work, and just your overall happiness. Put life on pause and soak everything in. How do you enjoy your own company?