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August 3, 2015

Dear August,

You came a lot quicker than expected.

I’ve been waiting for this particular month for quite a long time. It’s consumed my dreams, thoughts, imagination. All those sentences that started with “when I grow up”, might start being finished. This big move I’ve been talking about for next to ever, is finally happening… in just a little over a week (eeeeek!). Although adulthood technically could’ve started when I turned eighteen, or when I had my first glass of wine, or when I graduated college, I’ve somewhat been postponing it… and now here August comes along.

I’ve reached the realization that I’m not the best at ‘adulting’. I’m decently responsible and sometimes motivated, but the little obnoxious requirements that come with adulthood… well, those need some work. Typically (whether I post it or not), I create a list of goals for the month. Why? Because I’m decent at achieving the things I write down. If I don’t write it down or verbalize it, chances are it won’t happen. But, this month I’m doing something a little different. This month is all about becoming more in tune with myself, having more epiphanies, being more creative. Less to-do lists, more thinking, more quiet time, more peace. Rather than planning my life and my month with a list of tasks, I’m going to try and just live… but I really want to keep three things at the forefront of my mind.

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