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A Day in the Life: SF Edition


The following consists of a play by play of my life as it exists today. It’s not very interesting and the large part of it is consumed by work of some sort as I’m currently interning at Twitter in San Francisco as a Software Engineer. I chose to write this simply because of my obsession with watching people and wondering what their story is. I wonder where they came from, where they’re going, and how their day went. So here’s my version, a day in the life.

7:45 AM – This is the time my alarm is set for, the alarm label reads, “Greatness is a choice. Wake up child!“. I hit snooze every morning.

8:00 AM – That fifteen minutes must’ve done something for me, I finally begin to wake up. I start checking and replying quick emails, glancing at texts that I know I’ll forget to reply, and mentally picking out my outfit for the day while checking bus times to decide when I want to actually get out of bed and still make it in time for breakfast served at work.

8:25 AM – If I’m ambitious, I’d have gotten up at 7:45 and been heading to the bus by now. More than likely, I’m getting out of bed, doing my stretches and a couple squats. Time to get ready for the day!

9:03 AM – Running to catch the 5L headed downtown

9:35 AM – Get to Twitter HQ. Breakfast is served at work so if it’s Monday or Thursday, I toast a bagel, slop on some cream cheese and head to my desk, grabbing a cup of medium roast coffee on my way up.

10:00 AM – Standup aka I tell my team what I’m doing for the day. We’re a pretty small team that builds the Twitter web client (aka twitter.com) so this lets me catch up with what everyone’s doing.

11:45 PM – Anxiously waiting for lunch, so I check what’s on the menu.

12:00 PM – Favorite time of the day.

6:45 PM – Until now, I’ve been working and coding ’til I drop + meetings, meetings, meetings. Now it’s time to pack up and head to dinner downstairs at the office.

7:30 PM – Catch the 5 to Ocean Beach, sending up a quick prayer that I actually get a seat on the bus. Or, Uber home if I’m feeling fabulous (a habit that needs to end).

8:00 PM – Home, shower, respond to emails, open up Photoshop and design, watch Shark Tank.

Before K.O. – Cuddle up in bed with my The Message Bible, watch chaseGodTV or my favorite preacher online. This is probably the most calm part of my day. Then sleep!

As you can see, I spend the majority of my day at work, even eating all three meals there (yay for free food though). This is pretty much my standard Mon – Thurs schedule — extremely exciting.