On Choosing Happiness


Sometimes life sucks. Sucks to the most literal meaning of the word. As soon as you start feeling a sense of balance, find yourself saying “oh, wow! my life is actually not in shambles right now,” it can throw a colossal curveball into the plans you thought you had, the people you thought you knew, the life you thought you lived, and every other seemingly stable facet of your life. It’s unexpected, unexplainable, and yes I know, it’s life. These past few weeks, I’ve found many aspects of my life shifting. I’ve let go of friendships, made new ones, made plans, had those plans completely disintegrated, and the list goes on. In all the commotion, I’m finally starting to learn the lesson these situations were trying to teach me: happiness is a choice.

One morning last week I woke up and told myself four things:

I’m going to smile more, laugh more, and love more.

I will care about people, help when I’m able, and live in kindness.

I will let go when I know I should, and not a minute after.

I’m going to choose to be happy today.

It’s amazing what a little positive affirmation can do.

I found myself pushing the limits of my love — giving to others even what I didn’t expect myself. This here brought me the most joy. Changing my attitude completely altered my perspective. As I smiled and laughed and loved even danced, I realized just how much good was around me, even when I had neglected to see it. As I let go of people exactly when I should (this was by FAR the hardest task), I found myself feeling more relieved than anything else, I was fighting for my own sanity and happiness, and I felt like I was finally winning. Finally, my choice to be happy. Although it encompasses everything noted before, this choice made the difference. It’s one of those things that is completely easier said than done. It’s telling yourself to be happy when every fiber of your being feels the exact opposite. It’s seemingly impossible. I lean on the phrase “this too shall pass” entirely too often but it constantly reminds me that everything that life may bring is simply part of a journey, never the destination.

I’m not a perfect being and choosing to be happy is a heck of a lot harder than anything I’m writing could make it out to be. It’s requiring serious dedication to the cause. There are some down days, but for the most part, things have been looking up. It’s causing me to be a better and stronger person for myself. In choosing happiness, I’m choosing sincerity. It’s much easier to exude happiness when you’re truly happy, rather than as a front for what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s being genuine to yourself and to the world. It’s telling yourself that your day will be great and not letting anything get in the way of that. It’s being vulnerable, open, modest, and letting the right people in. It’s letting the magic of positive energy blossom. Most of all, choosing happiness is not allowing yourself to be broken. There’s still so much ahead. The journey, not the destination.

PS: So you’ve decided to choose happiness but aren’t exactly sure what’s next. Here’s a great post to help you find that positive space.

Peace and Blessings ya’ll. I’m happy.