Hair Update! 1.5 Years After the Big Chop


Hair update time! If you all remember, I did the big chop about a year and a half ago. The big chop (bc) is simply when someone cuts off the chemically processed (relaxed) parts of their hair. I said goodbye to my relaxed ends that were hanging on for their life anyway and embraced all that is natural. My hair was literally a teeny weeny fro at the time. Since then, I’ve kept my hair done up in protective styles, letting it out to breathe every once in a while, but I had never done a length check… until now! I had my hair professionally straightened and trimmed (shoutout to Debra for working pure magic on that fro) and for the first time got to see if my hair was truly growing. I was absolutely pleased, to think it’s only been a year and some change!

I’m excited to continue this hair journey. This is only just the beginning. Next steps include learning how to style and rock my hair in its natural state. Natural hair looks coming soon? I guess we’ll see. 😉