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Rising Up From The Ashes


I’m currently listening to Glorious Ruins by Hillsong and I felt a tug on my heart strings as it took me back to a place when this was a song I truly leaned on. Along with the 4 lines I would tell myself each morning (as seen in my Choosing Happiness post), I pretty much played this song over and over again to remind myself to keep my head up. It shouldn’t have to take going through the storm for me to be reminded of God’s power and love, but that’s what it took. I was distracted by life. I wanted to be in control of my own future and desires. Storm hits. No warning, nothing. At that point, He completely captivated my attention because I needed Him like I never have before. The song has this particular line I love which says, “When the world caves in, still my hope will cling to Your promise.  When my courage ends, let my heart find strength in your presence.

I searched and searched for strength in myself and I couldn’t find any. There was none left. Yet, I found it in His presence. I also learned the beauty of transparency. I’m not the most open book, I’m even moving mountains in my comfort zone by sharing this intimate journey in this post. But I knew I couldn’t deal with things alone. I firmly believe God sends the right people at the right time for the right reason. Certain people served as my personal angels and I will forever cherish them just for being there. For over a month, I’ve been meaning to write a post with this particular title, which is a verse from the chorus of Glorious Ruins:

Let the ruins come to life
In the beauty of Your Name
Rising up from the ashes
God forever You reign
And my soul will find refuge
In the shadow of Your wings

Before I wrote this post though, I wanted to make sure I was truly up and out of those ashes.  So, this is just a short post, one I wrote without revising, editing, and all that to appreciate the Lord for seeing me through and holding me near while I leaned on Him. This is also to remind someone that even when life is dishing out its worst, please, please, please hold tight to that faith. Whatever you have left, just hold on to it. I also want to open up my inbox, for anyone who just wants to talk. Because, I know just how important it is to know that someone else is on your side and rooting for you. My email is lovedarbie@gmail.com and my inbox is always open.