A Glance At 2014


Every December, I try to reflect on the year that passed simply to count my blessings and acknowledge my highs and lows. In a nutshell, 2014 was an unbelievable year. I took the semester off and moved my life to San Francisco. I grew as an engineer while working at Twitter. I learned to enjoy my own company. Discovered that EAT24 Weekend coupons could become a way of life. Lived with a random 40-something photographer. Got to give back to the SF community. Realized I love encouraging others. Also realized I dislike public transportation. Worked with awesome agencies and models. Grew my portfolio. Found family thousands of miles away from mine. Came back to Austin and booked a crazy amount of graduation sessions. Moved to Seattle. Lived in an 8-bedroom house with amazing individuals who became some of my best friends. Went to Portland, Oregon for lunch. Had a Voodoo donut. Decided that Voodoo donuts were ridiculously overrated. Love, Darbie turned 3. Experienced love and friendship like never before when my roommates celebrated that. Built something dope while working at Microsoft. That intern project won first place.

Learned that people will disappoint you. Learned that God wouldn’t.

Took a selfie with Wale. Observed that rooftop brunches in Minneapolis are a gift from God. Tried to hike to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Failed. Partied with Justin Bieber. Moved back to Austin. Tried to vacation in Houston. Learned that Houston is not really a vacation type of place. Started my senior year of college. Took a ridiculous course load. Made it a priority to be a better friend. Was a better friend. Decided how I wanted to start my career. Finally turned 21. Celebrated my 21st on a boat. Realized my own strength. Learned to cry with friends. Appreciated the friends that became sisters. Came to terms with the fact that I’m graduating from college. Didn’t spend Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights watching Netflix. Became one of those people who ‘live’ for happy hours and brunch.

Worked harder than I’d ever worked before. Finally believed in myself. Wrote some epic code.

Took a weekend trip to Atlanta with a couple of friends. Questioned why I didn’t attend an HBCU. Watched Gossip Girl without stopping for 60 hours. Experienced the most stressful finals week ever. Miraculously made an A on all those finals. Made it a goal to be well-read. Read more. Kept 90% of my resolutions. Wept and prayed for my black brothers and sisters. Learned how to forgive. Started becoming the woman I’ve always hoped to be. Loved others. Loved myself, flaws and all. Stopped asking for permission. Became a Jazz fan after hearing John Coltrane’s ‘Naima’.

Lived and shared my truth.

I feel so blessed to have experienced this year, even with all its ups and downs, I’m a much better person for it. How was your 2014?