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Apartment Inspiration: Live + Work


I’ve recently picked up the extremely time consuming hobby of apartment hunting. As many of you know, I’m moving to west coast (for good) at the end of the summer. With all my excitement and love for interiors, I’ve already (the early bird gets the worm?) begun the hunt with the hopes of finding an amazing loft space in the heart of the city. I’m envisioning a really open floor plan (with enough room for a makeshift studio), huge windows, and high ceilings. The likelihood of finding that in the city, without breaking my budget, is slim… but I’m hopeful.

Being a creative, especially as photographer and designer, a lot of my work often gets done at home. That’s why workspaces are really important to me; I feel as though a workspace should inspire creativity and the transition between living and working should be seamless. I’ve taken to Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, and my favorite interior blogs to feed my excitement for my future space. I would describe my decor style as very minimalistic with a pop of color and sometimes muted chic. I sense this is the beginning of a new series on my blog, I can’t keep these gorgeous interiors to myself!


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