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Life As I Know It & Goals – January


January was a whirlwind of a month to say the least, but in an amazing way. It feels like I experienced so much of life in just 30 days. I ended my New Year’s post with, “here’s to a year of fulfilled purpose, passion, love, and genuine happiness,” that’s the perfect way to summarize this first month.

This month I… started the last semester of my undergraduate career (still can’t believe this) taking classes I’m actually passionate about (Yoruba, Modern Africa, Principles of Interaction Design, and Algorithms & Complexity), finally got involved with the Austin tech community, went to San Francisco and actually vlogged about it, started working more in coffeeshops and got more done, went weave-less, lost 7.5 pounds (woah there), got a couple blog sponsorships, and started the 100 Days of Happy challenge.

I also kept my monthly goals! My theory that if I posted my goals on my blog I would make an effort to do them proved to be right. I literally made sure I kept to them just so I would be able to write this post saying I did. My goals for the month were to:

1. Finally finish Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ – This book was everything. I read it on a flight and finished the entire book before landing. I’ve found myself quoting it without realizing and I think it’s had a lot to do with my new-found motivation and productivity. Gladwell analyzes why the successful achieved what they did and showed that success is much more than just a result of hard work. One thing that really stuck out to me was the theory that people who mastered their craft, put in at least 10,000 hours of practice. That’s focusing 8 hours a day, every single day, on just one particular thing for 4 years. Guess who’s been coding and shooting a lot more?

2. Take my vitamins every morning – I took my vitamins! With the exception of a couple of really busy days, for the most part I made it happen. Yay for a happy, healthy body!

3. Record at least one vlog – I probably would never have posted the vlog of my trip if it weren’t for this annoying goal. But, I did it and learned a couple important lessons that will come in handy for my next vlog… like getting over looking strange while filming in public.

4. Create a budget for the semester – This was probably the most important goal and the one I’m most proud of. I created a budget (mainly cutting down eating out and shopping) and kept to it this month. I’m notorious for buying groceries and watching them go to waste because I eat out so frequently, but this month I ate at home 90% of the time and got back into the cooking groove (made some bomb dinners if I do say so myself). As an unanticipated result, eating in forced me to eat better, so that plus my 5 day a week workout schedule contributed to my weight loss this month. Not planning on losing any more weight, but uhh t-minus 6 weeks until I’m on a beach in Puerto Rico.

If February follows the same groove as January, I’ll be a lucky girl!