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A Month of Goals / February


Good Morning early birds! Setting goals for January went better than expected, so I’m doing so again this month. For the next couple of weeks, the keyword in my life is going to be: balance. There’s so much I want to get done, yet those 24 hours go by entirely too quickly (I also wrote a post about productivity tools to make the most of your day). I’m learning a new programming language, doing a lot more photoshoots, venturing into the world of hand-lettering, taking 15 credit hours this semester, trying to keep posting at least once or twice a week on the blog, traveling, and trying to give my everything to… everything so I’m determined to really focus on finding that balance. Thus, my goals for the month revolve around keeping up with all that I want to so.

1. Finish branding for my company – So, this is like a mini-reveal of something I’ve had planned for a while. I’m launching a company (of sorts) in a few months. Seeing the words ‘my company’ is so foreign, because I haven’t been calling it that, probably never will again. I guess it’s just a little project to me. Right now (and for the last few months) I’ve been in the branding stage, but it’s time to pick up the pace and be done with that. So much depends on branding elements, so I’m devoting myself to finishing that in the next few weeks

2. Don’t go a week without shooting, writing code, and blogging – I often get really involved in one thing, and then other things I love end up being put on the back burner. I hope this goal doesn’t just stop at this month, but goes on to influence my entire year (and on). Last fall I went months without a single blog post, this winter I went weeks without coding, and I know I can’t grow if that continues. So here’s to balance.

3. Three Outfit Posts – I honestly picked 3 since this is the third goal. Outfit posts are typically a struggle because I’m always in a rush. Honestly, better time management would probably fix so many problems in my life. But, choosing an outfit to describe my mood is a major part of what gets me up in the morning, so I’m aspiring to share that. 3 times. (Just realized there are three more weeks left in this month so this is quite ambitious).

4. 5 days a week, 3 liters a day – I’m 5 weeks until Spring Break and I’m required to be on a beach so I’m vowing to stay consistent with my workout regimen and upping my water intake. Following a tip from another blogger, I’m keeping extra workout clothes in my car so I never have an excuse not to hit the gym. I’ve seen how amazing life can feel when you feel great from the inside-out, I’m loving this feeling of overall health.

As always, what are your goals for this month?!