Bloom Where You’re Planted


I graduated from college with my degree in Computer Science a few weeks ago. But, my excitement and celebration were cut short a few days later. Unless you’re a close friend or an observant snapchat follower, you wouldn’t know that three days after my major commencement, I had an even more major surgery. I’m okay, I’m great, I’m recovering. It’s a long recovery, involves not driving for months, not moving much, and just kind of being and trying to figure out how to be.

That’s the situation I found myself in. How do I be everything I knew myself to be when my bed became more of a cell than a haven. How do I be a style blogger when I have no where to go and standing is a chore? How do I endure withdrawals when I’m constantly itching to travel? This all seemed to throw a wrench in all the plans I thought I had for the summer after my graduation. I received a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Mumbai, I planned to go on a European escapade and enroll in culinary school, I expected a summer of growth, of finding myself in that nook between youth and adulthood.

I’ve been optimistic, I have amazing friends who have been by my side the whole way through, more than I could ask for. Jen, Jully, Eric, Tolu, Dexter, Mayowa, Nneka, Dimeji, Martins, Kayonda, AJ, Riddhi, Tosin, Funto, Alaa, Maliz, Laide, Deon, Bev. It was important for me to mention you because your support has meant the world to me. Special thanks to Jen for encouraging me to write this post, even if you didn’t realize you did.

So like I said, I’ve been optimistic, but yesterday I reached an epiphany of sorts. I didn’t lose my summer. Rather, this may be the best opportunity I needed rather than wanted.

Always on the go, constantly stressed, and never knowing how to make time for every thing I want to do. That’s my usual state. Except for now. I plan on blooming right where I’m planted. Reading, growing, learning, and building the ’empire’ I’ve dreamt about but never could find the time to put to action.

My story is not your story. I have no idea where you’re planted. But, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Water yours, plant your tulips, and bloom, bloom, bloom.