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Bohemian Breeze


I’m close to 5’10 so finding pants or maxis that fit is a never ending struggle. For that reason, I had never ventured into the wide leg style because I just figured it wouldn’t work for me. Then, I found myself in one of my favorite stores, Luxe Apothetique, perusing through their sale racks and I stumbled upon these pants. Like I mentioned, typically I wouldn’t bother but they were just $15 and calling my name, so I tried them on and… they fit! I was so ecstatic that after I purchased them, I didn’t feel the need to go shopping any longer. I had this really cool necklace from H&M that I couldn’t wait to wear them with and this is the look I ended up with. Also, these aviators I’ve been rocking lately are my favorite sunnies. I copped them at Aldo, but you can grab a similar pair here or here.


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In a nutshell, my hat, white lace top, necklace, clutch, and bracelet are from H&M, the pants are from Luxe Apothetique, watch by Michael Kors, earrings, sunnies, and shoes from Aldo. I tried to find similar pieces to the ones pictured in this outfit since some things are out of season or out of stock.