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Jumpin’ into July


I can’t believe it’s already July! For starters, that means that we’ve entered the second half of this year, even though it really feels like I was just making my resolutions… yesterday. I declared 2015 the year of the ‘glo up’. For those unfamiliar, the good old resource that is Urban Dictionary defines ‘glo up’ as referring to a person’s incredible transformation. This is usually based on increase of style and self-confidence. In a nutshell, becoming a better, more fabulous, version of yourself. I honestly feel like everyone around me is glo’ing in every aspect of life and I’m 100% here for it! My friends are growing into themselves and these beautiful souls are emerging. All my favorite bloggers have just been so on point lately, I’m hoping the on fleekness is contagious. As for myself, I’m definitely in that stage of ‘incredible transformation’. I’m finding what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m slowly but surely becoming the woman I’ve always hoped I’d be. I made my happiness a priority, made some commitments that I’m sticking to (could y’all tell I’ve been blogging more often), and I’m *finally* becoming more shameless. Ultimately this year, I’m just doing me and seeing what comes of it.

If you read my post about blooming where I’m planted, that’s really been my motto for this summer. As a follow up from that post, my recovery is going so well. Thanks to everyone who has sent their love and well wishes. I’m still not driving because I’m on pretty heavy medication, but I’ve been feeling like Stella when she got her groove back. Since I can’t drive, I get really excited whenever I get the opportunity to go somewhere. Like… if you’re going to the grocery store, count me in! Getting an oil change? Sure I’ll come for the ride. So when some friends stopped by for a shopping trip, I used that opportunity to get a little jazzy and rock this jumper I got for under $20 at TJ Maxx a couple of months back.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn this jumper out without receiving a compliment. And of course that’s always followed by surprised faces when I reveal where I got it from. It has a sexy low back and pockets… pockets! You know when you’re in the store trying to decide if you need to get something or not. Well, I definitely didn’t need another jumper but the pros here definitely outweighed the cons (nothing). I kept this look simple with sandals and sunnies from Aldo, a bracelet from H&M, and Rebel by MAC on my lips. Next time I wear it, I plan to pair it with heeled sandals and a long statement necklace.

IMG_1052 IMG_1060

How was the first half of 2015 for you and what are your plans for the second? Whatever you do, continue to glo!