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The Apartment: Living Room


Someone pass me some sanity, mine has been MIA for a few days. I’m bursting at the seams with excitement and a tad bit of stress (like when your car movers just… don’t show up). But, it’s move in week! My past couple of weeks have been consumed with packing… more like thinking about packing and my favorite part of this whole process, planning my decor! I started with my bedroom and then transitioned to planning my living room.

I wish I could describe my decor taste but it’s really a mix of everything — kind of like my personal style. Somedays I’ve feeling very minimalistic and loving whites, at times edgy and wishing there were darker shades than black, other days I go chic, and then on a random day you can find me very boho. Now, imagine trying to plan a decor around my style that changes 7 days out of every week. I finally settled on the idea of keeping my apartment really minimal as far as colors go, the color wheel here goes from white to black, while using statement pieces to add a little bit of chic flair.

I’m really obsessed with all things tufted right now and thus far I’ve purchased a tufted bed and a blush colored tufted VELVET couch which looks very elegant and vintage. Did I mention it’s velvet? You can’t do chic without shag, so I also purchased a Moroccan shag rug that I love (but might end up switching out if it doesn’t compliment my other pieces, we’ll see).

Here’s a peek into some of the inspiration behind my future living room and the method to my current madness.

living room inspiration

living room inspirationInitially, these photos above would’ve perfectly described how I envisioned my space. And part of me still loves this fresh, clean, monochromatic decor. I wanted a living space that would serve as somewhat of a blank canvas for my creativity. But… then I bought a velvet sofa and my imagination took over. My sofa is nearly white, although I was two seconds away from buying a bright blue velvet option *swoon*. It’ll probably happen one day when I decide to channel my inner Aimee Song.

living room inspiration6living room inspiration
I’ve been a big fan of Lauryn of Skinny Confidential’s home since Apartment Therapy featured her. She completely nails my decor style.

“I’d say it is a multi-dimensional combination of glam meets bohemian with an occasional visit from a rocker.” – The Skinny Confidential


living room inspirationtheeverygirl-katherine-vo-Monica-Wang
Katherine Vo’s home tour via The Every Girl is a cozy yet luxe home that’s the perfect example of decorating on a dime — something I have every intention of doing. I ran across a quote recently that I’ve been keeping in mind as I shop and fight the temptation to splurge:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

After all my bright velvet everything frenzy died down a little, I found my attention drawing back to that all-white concept I was so sure of before. So, rather than opting for one or the other, I started to piece together elements from every little thing that inspired me (from these photos, to music, to art) to create what my living room will eventually be. I realized that as much as I loved modern spaces, I wanted my apartment to be very livable and cozy enough to sustain those gloomy Seattle days. So yes to tons of shag (I’m team faux fur only), yes to whites and metals on my surfaces, yes to random bursts of color, and yes to wanting to feel eclectic yet parisian in my home.

I found great photos and wanted to share my new rug, because… it’s my first rug purchase and I don’t know if it’s normal to be this excited for something I’ll be stepping on. Who knew rugs were so expensive?!

Next part of my apartment to tackle? My dining area! Space is pretty limited in my one bedroom so I opted for a high bar area. I was really inspired by this table set from CB2 but with a $500 price tag for the table and $200 per chair, I was determined to figure something else out. diningI’ve been hunting for alternatives and utilizing every price comparison/image search tool to get the look for less. As much as I love CB2 & West Elm, sometimes you have to Amazon and IKEA things when it comes to things that aren’t that crucial. A few minutes later, I found these chairs on Amazon that I preferred, had great reviews and went for a lot less. I haven’t purchased anything without searching for it elsewhere and 9/10 times, the exact item is cheaper somewhere on the internet (before hitting checkout for my sofa, I did a quick search that saved me $300!).

Send prayers and good vibes my way as I tackle this move, but as you can see, I’m so excited to put this all together!