Travel & Style Diary: L.A.



DSC00250-EditWork/life balance? I wish I knew what that meant. Since my last post, I’ve had a rough time striking that balance between doing what I love to do and taking care of what I have to do at work. I have a newfound respect for people who have careers and are still able to consistently pursue their passions. Feel free to send me the manual. My job comes with a lot of responsibility and as much as I love it, there’s nothing I look forward to more than the weekend. So, when my girl Kim asked if I wanted to go on a last-minute work/vacay trip to Los Angeles, there was no turning that down.

DSC00235 DSC00233

I stayed next to Santa Monica beach at the beautiful Le Meridien Delfina. Coming from Seattle where the skies are slowly beginning to gray, seeing and feeling the sun in LA was exactly what I needed. Got into LAX on Thursday night and didn’t do much but head to my hotel. Friday morning, I was up early and visited a friend of mine at Snapchat HQ, then I was off to Microsoft LA for the rest of the day to help at a recruiting event. Both offices were awesome – which is pretty typical for the tech industry. The rest of my weekend was filled with tons of reunions, brunches, lunches, dinners with friends who had found their way to that part of the country and shopping on Third Street Promenade.


This is what I wore to help recruit at Microsoft LA, seriously testament to the fact that this industry is as casual as it gets. My dress is from Cotton On, hat and necklace from Forever 21, suede fringe vest from Zara, and the clutch and booties from H&M.

DSC00266-Edit DSC00242

Meet Kim, my superhero, amazing friend who was the reason behind this little “vacation”.


After a couple of trips in a little over a month, I’m happy to be back home in Seattle and taking a break from traveling – at least until November, I can’t wait to share where I’m going!