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South Beach Blue

Finding Creative Inspiration in Miami


It’s a bit strange that an R&B song is what inspired me to blog. I won’t question it, inspiration always seems to arise from the most unusual and unexpected of places. That combined with the fact that I’m still on a high from my recent trip to Miami for Art Basel. For those not familiar with Basel but probably noticed Instagram full of #ArtBasel posts, Basel is a week of art shows – better yet a meeting place for creatives, artists, and a great opportunity to see art and get inspired – which was exactly my experience.

Truth be told, as intentional and motivated as I would like to think I am, working has really taken a toll on my creativity and drive. A completely different story than one of the last times I blogged here talking about focusing. I’ve been going extended periods of time without creating and when creating is the way you express yourself to the world and understand your own self, these periods are especially tough. I didn’t go to Basel searching for inspiration or expecting more than to see my friends and appreciate great art, but inspiration found me, everywhere. In the streets, in restaurants, in conversations. Between meeting amazing people I didn’t know my soul needed to meet, being blessed by art, wanting to buy every piece (until I saw the amount of zeroes behind each dollar sign) and spending the weekend in 80 degree Miami, it was especially hard to return to Seattle.

Since returning, I’ve continued to find that inspiration everywhere. Including in the song that brought me here. That’s how life works, sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction… and sometimes you need to take the longest continental flight in the US to get it.

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