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Because Your Wifi Should Look This Great: Eero


Eero Wifi Router

I have a fantastic story behind why I love this product, this company, and why I’m talking about wifi routers on my blog. A while back, I had one of those traditional and ugly routers with antennas going in every direction. I wasn’t getting optimal speeds with it and it was completely out of place in my living room decor, where everything else was minimalistic. So, I went to Twitter in typical Dara fashion, and started a discussion about why people weren’t creating “aesthetically pleasing wireless routers”. In my opinion, there was no reason why people should still be trying to figure out how to hide their routers. People suggested Google’s Onhub or Apple’s AirPort, or even offered to help me design and build my own router, but I wasn’t necessarily in love with any of those options. Then, the gracious people at Eero saw my tweets and shipped me their Wifi system (overnight) to ease my router woes.

Other than the fact that it looks phenomenal in my living room (they even sent the cutest wood pedestal to go with it), their system is so functional it’s unbelievable. It comes in a set of three, solving the problem of having wifi deadzones around your house. All three connect together to create a single mesh network to cover your entire home. Because I have a small 1 bedroom apartment, I didn’t have to use all three. I have one placed in my living room and another on my side table in my bedroom, and I control everything about my network using their app that allows me to see a real time speed test, how many devices are connected to my router, and set up things like guest access.

Eero Wifi Routereero-appI think what I love most about using Eero is something that I discovered yesterday. They recently made some amazing updates that will give users 2x speed as well as some other new features, and the good news — these will be automatically updated on my devices. Basically, I already thought the product was great, and now I know that it has the ability to get even better through auto-updates.

You all know that I love a good sale and I wasn’t going to rave about this product without letting you get your hands on it too. With Black Friday coming up, the always gracious Eero team created these awesome LD discount codes.

  • EEROLOVEDARBIE100 – $100 off a 3-pack now until the price drops everywhere on Black Friday (11/24) on store.eero.com
  • EEROLOVEDARBIEFREESHIP for free 2-day shipping on store.eero.com during the sale (11/24-11/28).

Then on Black Friday: $100 off a 3-pack, $70 off a 2-pack, and $50 off an individual eero

Eero Wifi Router

I truly hope you love this product as much as I do, and trust me that’s a lot of love. Never thought I’d be obsessed with my Wifi router. Happy connecting 🙂

Additionally – let me know if product reviews are something you’re into seeing on the blog. I have tons more up my sleeve I’d love to share.