At Home With Alyssa Neilson

Inside the Founder of La Femme NY's Brooklyn digs


Spent some time in New York catching up with Alyssa Neilson, the 24-year old founder of La Femme New York, Native Houstonian, and that girl with the authentic style you wish you could pull off. My blog has always aspired to elevate the idea of “being true to you” and I couldn’t think of a person that emulates this more than Alyssa Neilson.

Just a few weeks after graduating from college, Neilson started applying to full-time jobs and then ultimately decided to listen to her gut and launch her own agency. Thus, LFNY was born, a multidisciplinary downtown New York based PR, branding and digital marketing agency. The best part — LFNY centers itself around a female client-base, this agency is for women telling stories.

NYLON Magazine did a great feature on Alyssa that you should definitely read, but I wanted to give you a glimpse into the PR girl’s rad home in the heart of Brooklyn and some of the mantras that she keeps close to heart.

1. Always expect the unexpected.

2. Always be your true authentic self.

3. It’s not over until it’s over, push yourself to see the positive in every situation.

You can find Alyssa on Instagram and Twitter – @AlyssaNeilson